The Story of The Oaks

We all have a story.
Thank you for letting us tell you ours.

In 1921 a man by the name of Will Bolen came to South Dallas to hold a tent revival. He brought his canvas tent, some kerosene lanterns and a passion to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who did not know Him. Out of this revival, a small group of believers came together and founded a church known as Thomas Hill Full Gospel Church. That building still stands today, just behind the Dallas Zoo. In the early 1960’s, God led the people of our church to move its facilities and build a new location on the corner of I-35 and Loop 12, and for almost forty years it was the home of Oak Cliff Assembly of God. Though the location and the name had changed, the primary purpose was still the same: to see lost people come to Christ and to see leaders raised up to help spread the gospel of God throughout the world.

In 1988, Rev. Tom Wilson came to Oak Cliff Assembly of God to pastor and lead this great church. With a burning desire for people to connect with God, Pastor Tom Wilson has led the church through its greatest time of change. In the mid 90’s, Pastor Wilson was directed by God to establish a tuition free school within the facilities of the church. That led to the now more than 5000 student strong Life School across 6 campuses.

In the year 2000, Pastor Tom Wilson and the board began seeking God concerning the future of our church. They felt that God was about to begin a change in the church, but they didn’t want to just come up with a plan. They were determined to find the Master’s plan. After spending several months in prayer, they believed that God was leading the church to move again. The staff and board felt that God was leading us to build a new facility in Red Oak, while still keeping the facility in Oak Cliff as a part of our congregation. In early 2001, the process began. Because a church in Red Oak could not be called Oak Cliff, the church was renamed as The Oaks Fellowship. Pastor Scott Wilson joined his dad as senior pastor, together becoming co-pastors serving the two locations, each location having a thriving church and a tuition free school. This was the dream of The Oaks Fellowship.

Under the leadership of Pastor Scott Wilson, The Oaks continues to experience tremendous growth. It has nearly tripled in size in the last few years, now ministering to about 3000 people weekly. The church currently offers two worship experiences every weekend to accommodate the growing congregation. We recently built and opened a building with an 1800 seat auditorium with provisions to expand up to 3400 seats.

Because of Scott’s desire to train Kingdom leaders, The Oaks partnered with Southwestern Assemblies of God University to create the Oaks School of Leadership, a specialized ministry training school within the College of Bible and Church Ministries at SAGU. Through this intense ministry leadership training program, hundreds of students have been educated, prepared for ministry and sent out as harvest workers.

In 2009, The Oaks launched the Care Strategy (in partnership with the C4 Group) to make a greater impact in our community. The Oaks Care Strategy was birthed as a result of Pastor Scott’s growing love and desire to serve the people of our communities. After several successful initiatives such as: One for Ellis County, The Next Level Campaign, Fall and Spring Cleanups that touched thousands of people in our communities, a comprehensive community engagement plan is being deployed to better equip the members of our congregation to create a lasting impact in Ellis County and South Dallas through compassion and generosity.

Through our Kingdom Builder initiatives, we have planted 9 of churches across the United States.

Our stories contain times where things are great and grand, as well as times when things are difficult; however, we all have one common denominator of our stories: they are unfinished. The most exciting days of our lives are not the days gone by, but the days ahead…

Thank you for reading about our story. Check back in to see how it continues to unfold.