From minor inconveniences to the most traumatic events in our lives, God wants to use every painful event to draw us closer to himself and impart wisdom. If we understand, God’s purposes for our times of struggle, we’ll trust him to instead of getting angry with him, and we’ll see each diffilculty as a steppingstone to the next level of our spiritual journey. Then, even when we don’t fully understand what God is doing, we’ll be convinced that he knows, he cares and he’ll lead us.

In “The Next Level” book, we’ll look at people in the Bible and the tests they faced.

  • Noah: The Tenacity Test
  • David: The Waiting Test
  • Solomon: The Contentment Test
  • Naaman: The Humility Test
  • Mary: The “Yes” Test
  • The Disciples: The Courage Test
  • Jesus: The Wilderness Test
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The Next Level Trailer from Oaks Creative on Vimeo.