How Do I Get Help?

Everyone needs a little help at times.

Wedding • Funeral • Hospital Visit • Counseling • Support

Request a Hospital Visit
Care Partners are available to visit those who are hospitalized or who are at extended care and rehabilitation facilities. Our goal is to share words of encouragement, offer prayers of faith, and extend God’s love to every patient and family. Please call the church office at 214-376-8208.
Support Groups
We offer several groups to help overcome specific needs and challenges like divorce or separation, addiction, loss or financial difficulties. Click here to find a support group.
If you are engaged and interested in having your wedding at Oaks Church, or if you desire one of our pastors to officiate your wedding, please contact our office by clicking here. Not only do we want to help you plan your wedding, but we also want to help you prepare for marriage. We encourage every couple to seek Premarital Counseling.
Funerals & Memorials
The death of someone you love can be a very emotional and overwhelming time. Our desire is that no one would have to walk this road alone. Our Pastors and staff are available to help you plan a meaningful celebration of life service and stand by you during this difficult time. To begin making arrangements for the funeral of a loved one, please call the Care Ministry office at 214-376-8208.
Freedom Resources
Live in the freedom available to you through Jesus Christ! Be free from shame, fear, guilt, regret, addiction, and the lies Satan has convinced you to believe. Click Here to learn more about walking in freedom.
Marriage Resources
Great marriages don’t happen by accident. Our goal is to help strengthen the quality of married relationships by providing excellent resources. Click Here to see our recommendations.
Pastoral Counseling
Oaks Church Care Ministry Team consists of experienced, mature Pastors and highly-trained, well-supervised Care Partners. We are not licensed professional counselors, psychologists, physicians, social workers, accountants, financial planners, or attorneys; we do not provide therapy, psychiatric, medical or mental health treatment nor do we give legal or financial advice.

We will meet with you about your situation and ask questions to fully understand what is going on in your life right now. Together, with faith, prayer, and wisdom from God’s Word, we will help you identify potential solutions and access practical resources that empower you with strength and skills to take the next appropriate steps to move forward through the changes and uncertainty you are facing. Click here to request an appointment.

Professional Christian Counseling

Our recommendations:

Elledge Counseling Associates, 972.268.3096

Peter Pinon MS, LPC, 972.277.1728

Bridge of Hope Counseling Center, 972.937.1984

Darren Daugherty, Ph.D., LPC, 810.373.2773