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If You Give a Foster Family a Chicken Dinner

July 6, 2017 by Maralee

If you give a foster family a chicken dinner,
They might have extra time to spend with their foster child.
When they have extra time to spend with their foster child,
They’ll spend it taking a walk, looking at flowers.
When they spend it on a walk looking at flowers,
They learn more about each other because they aren’t feeling stressed by dinner prep.
When they learn more about each other because they aren’t feeling stressed,
They are able to work on forming a healthy attachment.
If they’re able to work on forming a healthy attachment,
They’re creating a foundation for lifelong relational health.
If they’re creating a foundation for lifelong relational health,
Sometimes it feels too risky and the foster child will push them away.
When it feels too risky and the foster child pushes them away,
The foster parent will need to work through their own feelings of rejection and lovingly draw closer to the child.
When the foster parent can lovingly draw closer to the child, the child may realize they are committed
even when things are tough.
If the foster child realizes the foster parent is committed, they may feel safe enough to open up.
When the foster child feels safe enough to open up, the foster parent can respond with empathy and can help meet their physical needs.
When a foster parent responds with empathy and offers to meet their physical needs, the child may feel ready to eat.
And when the foster child feels ready to eat, she may ask for a chicken dinner.


Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up to support families who have stepped up to the call to care for children who are in need of families locally and around the world.

Being a foster parent is one way to help a foster child, but it isn’t the only way. This work takes a team approach and sometimes the best thing you can do is bring dinner. You may wonder how dinner helps, other than just the physical provision of food, but the time you invest in making that meal is time that foster parents can invest in relationship building with the child. There are so many other examples– bringing diapers, having groceries delivered, praying for the child and family, dropping off coffee for an exhausted mom, taking their bio or adopted kids on a fun adventure so the focus can be on the foster child, providing childcare so the family can go to court.

There is a wrong impression that doing something for foster kids requires actually being the one to invest in the foster kid. What many of us know is that when you invest in the foster FAMILY or the foster PARENTS you are actually doing the best thing possible for the foster child. They need to bond with those parents. They need to feel safe and loved by consistent adults who can provide nurture, structure and stability for them. They don’t need a rotating parade of adults in and out of their lives to say nice things to them. When you can build into the foster parents, the foster child will reap the rewards.



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Want to Know More About Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent?

Local Foster Care and Adoption

NEED: North Texas is in need of people who have a calling to become foster and/or adoptive parents to children in need of a home. 

DESCRIPTION:  Four times a year we offer a basic orientation class designed to give you practical information on the process on becoming a foster/adoptive parent.   This class focuses on the biblical calling and provides you with practical information.  It is our desire to partner with you as you take this journey through the licensing process.  If you decide to continue with the process, you can move on to the training required to begin the foster/adopt journey.

Our next Orientation will be held on Thursday, January 21st from 6-9pm.  Training for licensing will be Friday,  January 22nd from 6-9pm and Saturday, January 23rd for CPR/First Aid from 9am-12pm.   Click HERE to register.

Leader Information:

Contact: Dustin and Katie Gullett

Click Here to Complete a Contact Questionnaire

International Adoption

NEED: There are tens of thousands of children around the world who are awaiting adoption into a loving family. As people who have been adopted by our Heavenly Father, we have the opportunity to change a young life forever by adopting them into our families.

DESCRIPTION: Oaks Church is committed to walking alongside families that are currently considering international adoption. We want to open a dialogue with prospective families interested in adoption and see what needs the church can meet. We use current Oaks families that have a history of adoption internationally to help mentor and coach other families in this process.

Leader Information:

Contact: Matt and Sara Moreland
Phone: 972.467.2235

Foster and Adoptive Family Prayer
NEED: The process of fostering/adopting is not only challenging from a practical standpoint, but it is also a spiritual battle for the lives of these children and the health of their families.

DESCRIPTION: We believe that God will do amazing things through our prayers for your family and that the lives of the children entrusted in your care will forever be changed through God’s love. If you are a foster/adopt parent in need of prayer, please click below and your request will be forwarded to our Intercessory Prayer Team Leader and Care Ministry Department.

Click HERE to request prayer.

Contact: Barbara Johnson, Orphan Care Director

Foster Family Babysitter (4 Hour Family)
NEED: Foster Parents are under constant pressure to perform above and beyond normal parenting obligations. Due to foster care regulations, it can be nearly impossible to find someone to take care of the kids to fulfill other commitments or even get a break for a few hours.

DESCRIPTION: If you are a licensed foster family that attends Oaks Church, we have a team of caregivers who are available to care of your children from up to 8 hours. All of our caregivers are approved through Arrow Child and Family Minstry or Cherished Impressions CPA.  If you are with another child placing agency, please check with them before securing a sitter.

For most requests, please use our private Oaks Church Foster/Adopt Support Group Facebook page to state your preferred  dates  and  needs.  For  emergencies, please contact Trisha Porter or Barbara Johnson.

Leader Information:

Contact: Trisha Porter
Phone: 417.581.5695

Handyman Ministry
NEED: Single moms, widows, and foster/adopt family homeowners are always in need of small repairs, yard projects, etc. around their homes.  Whether it is helping fix leaky faucets, broken fences, lawn care, or hanging a baby gate, we have a team of volunteer handymen ready to help. If you are an Oaks Church foster or adoptive family, single parent or widow in need of small repairs around the house click HERE to request help.

Leader Information:

Contact: Scott Hambrick
Email :

Take A Meal

NEED: We know the first week or two after being placed with a new foster child can be a very hectic time in the life of your family. By providing a dinner meal for up to two weeks, we can tangibly meet a very real need, allowing you to focus on building a relationship with the child(ren) entrusted to your care.  You can also request meals if you have a challenging circumstance in the home ie., illness, death in family, etc.

If you are a foster family in need of meals, please click HERE.

Leader Information:

Contact: Jesica Colley
Phone: 817.823.9676

Foster Care Book and Bible Study
Several times a year we host a bible or book study focused on foster care and or adoption.  This study is open to anyone interested in learning more about what God’s word says about the space of foster care.  Please contact Barbara Johnson at 469-218-1278 for more information on when the next class begins.
Foster Care and Adoption Support Group
NEED: Foster and adoptive parents need a safe place to share, pray and learn more about caring for the children God has entrusted into their care.

DESCRIPTION: We have a support group that meets once a month. Certificates for training hours can be provided for foster parents.  This support group is open to any foster/adopt parent in the community.

As an additional resource, we have a private Facebook Support Group page exclusively for Oaks Church Foster/adoptive families and their caregivers.

PLEASE NOTE:  All in-person support Groups are not currently meeting at Oaks Church.

Contact: Barbara Johnson for more information.

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