Tylor Ritz

Tylor Ritz

Connections Pastor

About Tylor Ritz

 Full name: Tylor Ritz

Nicknames: Ty

When and where did you get saved? I got saved in a car at 4 years old

Tell us about your family: My wife, Hannah, and I got married in October of 2017. She is a nurse at Harris Methodist Hospital in Ft. Worth. We also have a golden-doodle puppy named Finn.

What is your regular order at Starbucks? French Vanilla Latte

Who are the people that inspire you? My family 

Do you have any werid quirks? If so what are they? I love to clean. I can’t function in a dirty or messy environment. 

Favorite Movies? James Bond

Favorite Books? How’s Your Soul, by Judah Smith and Ananymou, by Alicia Chole

Favorite TV Shows? The Office, Parks and Recreation 

What is your biggest fear? Rodents