We Are Oaks Youth

We Believe In The Next Generation

Never before in history has the world seen a generation with as much wealth, technology, and opportunity to influence the future. On top of that, statistics say that 77% of people who make a decision to follow Jesus will do so before the age of 20. Although many overlook or discredit young people, we truly believe that we exist to build a generation of world changers who will be lifelong followers of Jesus. Click the button below to join the team, and you will be contacted soon to begin the process of becoming a leader with Oaks Youth.

Team Creed

Today I shall lift up a friend in need; I shall give myself in sacrifice and service; And if this is my last day, it will be my

greatest monument. This day I will drink every minute to its full. I will love and lead like never before.

We believe the devil is a liar, so we will speak Truth to every student we meet.

When students receive salvation we will erupt with applause, for Heaven is doing the same.

We are a Spirit-empowered youth ministry and committed to Spirit-led excellence.

There is no such thing as a small part, so we will serve our roles as if we were serving the Lord himself.

We serve faithfully! Not for earthly accolades, but to hear “well done” when we step into eternity.

We will honor fellow leaders and reject gossip, for the way we love one another proves that we are His disciples.

We will cultivate an evironment where God can transform lives.

We are Oaks Youth.