Joseph Kellogg

Joseph Kellogg

Youth Pastor

About Joseph Kellogg

Full name: Henry Joseph Kellogg

Nick Name: POJO

Joseph’s family: Married to Corbie on February 1, 2003; children Caitlyn, Addison, Riley, and Justus.

Ministry Role: I serve as the Pastor of Oaks Youth by leading and developing the weekly service, Oaks Youth Small Groups and yearly events like retreats, camps, and missions trips. Oaks Youth is for 6th-12th grade students and meets every Wednesday night in the Youth Building for a relevant worship experience.

Dream vacation: Chilling on a beach or at a Mountain Lodge in Colorado

What’s your regular order at Starbucks: Strawberry Refresher

Favorite movies: The Bourne Series, Gladiator, The Goonies, Rudy, and many many more

Life motto: “Live for Jesus no matter what”

Favorite scripture: 1 John 2:6 “Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.”

Things that fascinate me: Churches around the world, I love seeing God work in other countries

People who inspire me are: My parents, my wife, and my Children. All my mentors: Scotty Gibbons, Jeanne Mayo, Robby McClure, and Rodney Fouts.

Previous jobs: OYM intern, student pastor at Grace Assembly in Oklahoma City and student pastor at the Assembly at Broken Arrow, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

One thing that most people don’t know about me: I used to be an aggressive inline skater and I still own the skates.

I’ve been in ministry: since 2001

When and where did you get saved: 1986 at Assembly of God church in Eakly, Oklahoma

Music that moves me: I love all kinds of worship music and some old school metal

Favorite singer or band: DC Talk, Hillsong United, Leeland, U2, the Frey, and Stryper

Peeves: Leaving late on a trip

Life-changing moment: Being called into the ministry, marrying my wife, and the birth of my three daughters and son.

Hidden talent: I can do a pretty good cheerleading toe touch

Fears: Snakes

Favorite book: Crazy Love by Francis Chan, The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley, In a Pit with a Lion by Mark Batterson, Carry On by Scotty Gibbons, and Steering through Chaos by Scott Wilson.

Quirks: I flip channels a lot and sleep with one leg outside of the covers

In my spare time I… Hang out with the family, read, play golf, go to the movies, and watch Sports Center

Least favorite food: Sushi

What makes you laugh? My daughters and crazy friends

What is weird about you? I’m a little OCD

The most exotic place you’ve even been to: A village in the middle of know where in Ghana, West Africa

The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done: Any time I’m skiing down a mountain it is an adventure.

Least favorite thing to do: Going to the Doctor