Clayton Brooks

Clayton Brooks

Worship Pastor

About Clayton Brooks

Full Name: Clayton Louis Brooks

Clayton’s  family: On January 2, 2004, I married the most amazing woman ever created.  Her name is Andrea, and we all call her Aunie.  Since then we have been blessed by God with 3 handsome young boys: Connor Louis, Cayden Lane, and Asher Marcus.

Ministry Role: I serve as the Worship Pastor of The Oaks by providing oversight to all music and worship ministry of the church. I also direct and teach students through the Oaks School of Leadership worship internship.

Regular order at Starbucks: Hot chocolate or caramel apple cider (I’ve never gotten in to coffee – sorry to disappoint anyone…)

Life motto: Red on black, venom lack.  Red on yellow, kills a fellow.  It’s saved me so many times.

Favorite scripture: This is a tough question.  Revelation 3:11-13 means a lot to me personally, but there are so many scriptures that do.

Things that fascinate me: Mt. Everest, The Grand Canyon, and my dog

Previous job or line of work:
Keeping 180 crape myrtles alive at Southwestern Assemblies of God University

People I would like to meet: I’ve met Jesus, but i can’t wait to see him face to face! I would love a good conversation with George W. Bush, RGIII, Bono, Joel Houston, Mike Bickle, Brian Regan, I could keep going…

One thing that most people don’t know about me: One time a drum shield fell on my head while i was leading worship.

When and where did you get saved: 7 years old, in my room kneeling at my bed

Music that moves me:
Worship music moves me like none other.  I feel so much joy and my heart is full when I’m worshiping God with music.  The music I like to worship with comes from people like Hillsong and United, Michael Gungor, Phil Wickham, Paul Baloche, Fred Hammond, Youth Alive Australia, Mute Math, Nathan Walker, and just about anything Ross Fishburn writes.  I know that’s a lot, but I am a musician…

Favorite singer or band: Again, I am a musician, so this could be lengthy.  Favorite voices: Imogen Heap, Bono, whoever leads for Youth Alive Australia, Paul Meany from Mute Math, Phil Wickham, Leeland Mooring, the guy from One Republic, and whoever the girl is that sings with Michael Buble on “Quando Quando Quando” – to name a few.  Oh, and Jeff Buckley had a RIDICULOUS voice.

Peeves: When the wire breaks on my weed-eater, when you’re up at night calming down your baby – you finally get him to sleep, and as soon as your head hits your pillow, “Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

Life-changing moment: The night that God told me I was going to serve Him with my life.  Some guy was preaching and praying.  Other people were singing and playing.  I don’t remember much, but i remember vividly God touching my heart.  From that point on I knew that, whatever I did with my life, it would be in service to the Lord.

Hidden talent: I’m really good at Stratego – just ask my brother…

What sport are you not good at?
Synchronized diving

I eat slow, because I believe in thorough chewing – it’s one of the main reasons I have teeth.

What makes you laugh? My kids and my wife make me laugh.  Brian Regan and Steve Carrell make me laugh.  But there are a few tickle spots that make me laugh UNCONTROLLABLY!

What is weird about you? I’ve been a Washington Redskins fan since birth.  It’s only weird because of where I live.  Also, I’m pretty sure I remember what it was like being in my mother’s womb.  No one believes me though.

The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done: I’ve slept with lions.  I was in a tent and there was a Kenyan guard with an automatic weapon standing outside – but we could hear them growling all night long!

My heroes:
Jesus did the most courageous thing of all time.  My wife, my Dad and Mom, my brother Bryan, my grandparents…I have a long list of heroes.

Least favorite thing to do:
Paint fire lanes with a broken roller brush on dirty asphalt when it’s over one hundred degrees in the middle of the day during a hot Texas summer. (Yes, I have done that).