Youth Internship

We Are Oaks Youth

The vision for interns in Oaks Youth is “To help future leaders belong to and be equipped for what God has called them to do.” This is accomplished through
discipleship, leadership, ownership, serving opportunities, practice in the prophetic, and direct involvement with Oaks Youth and Oaks Church. The Oaks Youth leadership experience is designed to train and develop interns to become effective student pastors that will lead healthy student ministries.

Have The Opportunity To Lead…

– In A Youth Small Group
– In Production
– Volunteers and Big Events

Have The Opportunity To Learn… 

– How To Grow A Youth Group
– How To Minister To The Next Generation
– From Hands-On Experience

Lead In All Aspects of Youth Ministry

In this internship, the student will interact and learn in different environments from meetings, hands-on experience, and a classroom setting with the Oaks Youth pastors and staff. The interns will be fully immersed in the trenches of student ministry from leading a small group to the production of a service, discipleship, project management, advertising, guest services and big events. If you choose to be in the Oaks Youth internship and go through the process of training, you will be fully prepared to step into any role of ministry upon graduation.

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