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 Learn By Doing

OSL Internships

Hands-On Leadership Training

OSL provides hands-on leadership training because success in leadership goes hand in hand with experience in leadership settings. The unity of information and experience is paramount to success in leadership. OSL students have access to high -level staff meetings, behind the scenes services, student-pastor relationships, real-life leadership roles and responsibilities, and more. Learn more here!

Become a Host Family

A Home Away from Home

Hosting an OSL student is a life-enhancing experience for the whole family. It’s a unique opportunity to shape the lives of future church leaders & those who are studying in a variety of programs to be leaders in a variety of contexts. When you decide to host an OSL student, our team will carefully match your family with a student whose interests and lifestyle align with yours. Would you like to be a student’s “home away from home”?


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