Our Local Partners

Working together to bring community transformation

Backyard Orphans - Orphan Care Ministry

Backyard Orphans trains church leaders to develop a foster care, adoption, and support ministry for children. Their goal is to equip the church so we can see a day where there are more families waiting for children than children waiting for familes.

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SWAGG - Foster and Adoption Ministry

SWAGG supports foster and homeless children by creating experiences that boost their self esteem and motivates them to set goals to be independent and self sufficent. They assist foster and homeless children in creating a standard of excellence that promotes serenity, wisdom, agility, grace, and guidance (SWAGG).

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Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services

PCHS creates opportunities for children experiencing trauma to have a future with hope and possibilities. Tragically, trauma impacts children socially, educationally and spiritually leaving them with a life perspective that sees little beyond survival. PCHS helps children discover God’s plan for their lives so they can build healthy relationships with their families and those around them.

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Arrow Child & Family Ministries

Arrow Child & Family Ministries is a Christian provider of child welfare and education services for abused and neglected children and families in crisis. Through the engagement of both government and the local church, Arrow provides an array of services including foster care, adoption, child sex trafficking rehabilitation and specialized education. 

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Texas Baptist Children's Home

Since 1964, we have specialized in offering outstanding adoption services to various clients throughout the Dallas area. Here at Texas Baptist Home, our adoption specialists are fully committed to preserving the nature and well-being of a family lifestyle.

We provide several comprehensive adoption options as a benevolent, educational, and evangelistic outreach effort from the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas. If you’re looking for a local and reliable adoption services solution, please look no further than Texas Baptist Home!


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Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Southwestern Assemblies of God University exists to equip students spiritually, academically, professionally, and cross-culturally for their God-given careers and callings.

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Lii Mentors - Mentorship Program

Lii Mentors leaders in the marketplace and church in sustainable rhythms of spiritual health and rest. Mentors provide confidential and customized spiritual direction to enable leaders to discover deep and sustainable intimacy with God.

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URBANwell Magazine

URBANwell Magazine is the flagship project of Q Ministry Project, a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Both publication and publisher exist because changed people change the world. URBANwell provides a creative platform for local writers to engage the depths of faith, culture and community.

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