Next Level Testimonies

What people are saying about THE NEXT LEVEL…

“In Scott Wilson’s book, we find comfort and confidence in knowing God has promised us the strength to face any test, even during our darkest moments of doubt, deception, and despair. Along with prayer and the word of God, this is an excellent book that will help prepare you for your next big test, whatever and whenever it may be, and it will take your relationship with God to the next level.”
Aaron Watson, national recording artist


“Hard times are rarely welcomed in our lives. Scott Wilson’s book, The Next Level: A Message of Hope for Hard Times, will take you to a place of courage and strength. Not only will you learn to face difficulties, but he will also teach you to become the person you long to be.”
Anne Beiler, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Founder


“The Next Level is designed to give us a fresh, hopeful, faith-filled perspective about the struggles we face. Trusting God in the middle of difficulties is one of the most challenging elements of the walk of faith, but when we find him there, God strengthens our faith and deepens our love for him. We all face tests. This book helps us learn from these experiences instead of being crushed by them.”
 —Dr. Samuel R. Chand, Consultant, “Dream Releaser,” and author


“Take a look into scriptures to find that true faith is built upon life’s hard lessons. In The Next Level, Scott Wilson takes you on a journey of self-discovery, a look at how hard times in life can be the tool that God uses to propel you to the next level of faith, love, and intimacy with your Lord.”
Shane Everett of Shane and Shane, recording artists


“In today’s media-driven, distracted culture, it’s hard to find anything that really makes you stop in your tracks and pay attention. Scott Wilson’s book, The Next Level, did that for me. It’s a clear, understandable strategy for changing your present into the future you desire. This isn’t about simplistic self-help. It’s about real answers to the real questions we face everyday. Get it. Read it. You won’t be sorry.”
Phil Cooke, TV Producer and author


This book will challenge you to change your perspective. It will challenge you to view life’s obstacles as classrooms, rather than prisons. Like St. Basil, you’ll develop “ambidextrous faith”—accepting pleasure with one hand and afflictions with the other. And ultimately, you’ll learn to view each obstacle as a golden opportunity for God to teach you and take you to the next level, to physical and spiritual adventures beyond your imagination!
Lee McFarland, Senior Pastor, Radiant Church in Surprise, AZ