Adult Missions Trip – El Salvador

August 18 – August 25

Cost: $1725 (Prices May Vary)

Sign Up Deadline: May 19

Team Leader: Lindsey Lehmann

About This Trip

El Salvador is a country full of hardship as well as opportunity. The war that ended in the early 1990’s has left a legacy that includes ongoing gang violence and political marginalization. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes combined with seasonal torrential rains and mudslides create ongoing challenges to those who suffer from inadequate housing, health care and low-incomes. This is especially true for those who live in rural areas. Unlike those who live in or close to cities, in rural El Salvador:

63% live on less than $2 per day  ||  58% lack access to clean water.

23% of children suffer from chronic malnourishment  ||  46% live in dirt floor homes.

18% of children under five die from respiratory infections.

Real Solutions

Since 1993, ENLACE has walked alongside churches in El Salvador to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty. ENLACE provides ongoing coaching, project training and technical assistance to church and community leaders in the following areas: Church and Community Coaching Water, Sanitation, Clinics and Eco-stoves Housing, Bridges and Roads Home Gardens and Economic Development

This year, we’ll be working in the center of the Nuevo Edén de San Juan community. The location is used for a variety of purposes including medical clinics and meetings. It has been a long-held dream by the village’s residents to have a more permanent community center, better suited to host medical services along with providing enough clean space for celebrations and funerals. The local church wants to serve its neighbors by helping to build such a space, spearheading a project that would increase community pride, strengthen relationships and contribute to building a healthier community.

Payment Deadlines

Payment deadlines:

  • $100 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration through Managed Missions
  • May 20 $550 + $100 deposit
  • June 8th $550
  • July 8th $525

To apply for the El Salvador Missions Trip, click below. 

Meeting Schedule

May 20 12:30 PM @ Next Steps Lounge

June 24 12:30 PM @ Next Steps Lounge

July 22 12:30 PM @ Next Steps Lounge

August 12 12:30 PM @ Next Steps Lounge

September 9 12:30 PM @ Next Steps Lounge