Enrollment and Tuition Payment


Thank you for choosing to enroll your student in our Powerhouse program! You can receive our enrollment packet at any Powerhouse location or fill out the information online with the link below. Note: before your child can attend our program, a $50 once-a-year supply fee payment will need to be paid in addition to the child’s first week’s worth of tuition.

Make a Payment

Pay your weekly tuition via our online payment page. Here you will log in with your email and password and choose how much you would like to pay. Each campus has a different form, so please be sure your form title is for the Powerhouse campus your child currently enrolled at. Fill in the appropriate questions and choose a payment amount. Your credit/debit card information is not saved in this system so please be prepared to enter that information every time you need to make a payment.

Cedar Hill           Lancaster           Oak Cliff           Red Oak           Waxahachie

Pay you weekly tuition via our text payment platform! Text our Powerhouse short code “45777” with your campus name and the amount you would like to pay. If this is your first time using the text payment platform, you will get a text back prompting you to fill out the one time form that will save your information for easy payments! Once you have the form saved, you are set up to send Powerhouse payments to us at any time via our text payment platform!
– Example text Red Oak: powerhouse redoak 100
– Example text Lancaster: powerhouse lancaster 100
– Example text Oak Cliff: powerhouse oakcliff 100
– Example text Cedar Hill: powerhouse cedarhill 100
– Example text Waxahachie: powerhouse waxahachie 100
Money Order
Please make your money order out to your Powerhouse location.
Through federal, state and local funding CCA is available to provide temporary financial aid for low-income families. We accept CCA for qualified families, to see if CCA is available for you in the county you live in follow the links below.

Ellis County

Dallas County