Helpful Tips

Browse this page for some helpful tips on how to host your group. You will find answers to some tough questions like how to have people in your home, how to do childcare, what you will need and much more. If you have questions that go beyond what we have provided here, talk to your community leader or email us at


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Helpful Suggestions for HOSTS

Keys to A Successful Group

Host Home Checklist


In Between Group Meetings

Tips Before First Meeting

Tips For Your First Meeting

Week of Your First Meeting

Want to know more about how to host and lead a small group? Check out this reading list below to gain new insights and sharpen your leadership ability.

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups by Bill Donahue
Walking the Small Group Tightrope by Bill Donahue and Russ G. Robinson
Making Small Groups Work by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership by Carl George
The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry by Bill Donahue
101 Best Small Groups Ideas by Nav Press