Welcome to our central hub of information! You can read important announcements and download your Small Group lessons below. Thank you for all you invest into Oaks Kids! 

Wear your yellow Dream Team shirt and that beautiful smile! This will help all of us stand out from the crowd for any parents who may have questions or need assistance. 

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your serve time. Please give yourself plenty of time to park, check-in and get your own children to their area prior to service. We will have someone to watch children ages 0 to 1st Grade in the Playscape before first service starts on Saturday and Sunday.​

To accommodate more vehicles on our campus we are asking that all volunteers and staff to park in the parking lots beside the Life School playground or in the back near the portable buildings. Our Parking lot team will help assist families by showing them open or closed lots and even running people to and from the building on golf carts.

Junior Volunteers: Please ​make sure you are checking in at the Check-In counter in the Kids Building. There is an iPad and printer set up that will give you a sticker with your assignment. If you have any questions, one of our guest experience team members will be happy to assist you. Leaders: If your Junior Volunteers do not have a sticker or lanyard, please send them over to Check-In. Reminder: Junior Volunteers are 5th Grade and under.

If you see a child with an “I said YES to Jesus!” sticker, please help us celebrate that child’s exciting decision to follow Jesus! Oaks Kids will have a “YES!” Booth set up next to the Grove/Playscape area to celebrate with photos and resources for the parents and child. 

Running low on energy? Run over to our Leader Room in The Grove. You will find water, coffee, and snacks in here to help get you fueled up!

We will have our pre-service prayer at 8:30am on Sunday morning in the Clubhouse. Join us to pray over all the families that will be joining us and experiencing life change. 

Hand-off Plan
At the Oaks, no one walks alone. A way to make an awesome impression with our families is to have a smooth hand-off plan between Guest Experience and Small Group Leaders. When a Guest Experience Host walks a new family to his/her classroom the transfer should not be complete until the Small Group Leader acknowledges the child and invites the kid into the classroom. If you find yourself walking the child all the way into service, make sure they are seated by someone and even introduce them to the kid next to them. 

*All Kinder-5th Grade students will be in the Family Theater.

Elementary Services
All students in Kindergarten – 5th Grade will be picked up and dropped off in the Family Theater, so there will be no small group content this week.
Quick Facts about the Oaks Egg Quest
  • Kids in Kinder-5th Grade will receive an Egg Quest Map after their service is over. Kids will go around to colored stations receiving eggs and a sticker to solve the riddle on their map. When they get their last sticker to complete the riddle they will show a volunteer at an Egg Quest Station and receive a PRIZE egg. One prize egg per child.
  • Nursery to Preschool-aged children will have designated areas in Mangrum and by the Nursery. These areas are not Egg Quest Stations.
  • Quest Stations are open after each service. They will close 10 minutes prior to the next service start time.