Coach Training

Life Coach Training

Classes will return in Spring 2018. Check back soon for dates!

Drs. Sam and Vicki Farina are pioneers and practitioners in the world of Christian coaching. They train the best Christian coaches in the world.

Each year they equip people worldwide to coach others as they find their way with God – be that in business, ministry, community or any arena of life.

To make a difference through the power of coaching, register now for Basics in Christian Coaching (501). For those who have completed Basics, register for Change, Transition, Transformation Coaching (503).

Basics in Coaching (501) will provide you an introduction to:

* the concept of coaching
* the skills of coaching
* and how to get started as a coach

Change, Transition, Transformation Coaching (503) will train you to:

*coach those desiring to follow Christ in new behaviors of their walk
*job change
*sudden loss
*and life change

These courses:

* Are based on a Christian Foundation
* Teach Implementable Skills
* Give Lots of Opportunity to Practice
* Align with ICF Core Competencies
* Are delivered by a Live Trainer
* Are designed by Pioneers in the Coaching Field
* ACSTH approved by the ICF


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