Kelvin Co

Kelvin Co

Creative Arts Pastor

About Kelvin Co

 Full name: Kelvin Co

When and where did you get saved? August 31, 1997

Tell us about your family: Lucy and I have been married since 1997. Our son Luc was born 2002.

What is one thing people dont know about you? I cant use chopsticks

Who are people that inspire you? People who live offensively for Jesus 

What is your regular order at Starbucks? I actually don’t drink coffee, don’t judge me. 

What makes you laugh? Snarky and irrelevant humor 

Favorite Movies? Empire of the Sun 

Favorite Books? Pat Conroy’s novels

Favorite TV Shows? Designated Survivor and Blacklist

Favorite Music/Band/SingersColdplay, Beatles and I love musicals